Paris, Cont’d!

IMG_3380Hello everyone!

The Paris Flea market was as much fun as everyone says!  We all used up almost all our euros (they don’t take credit cards!), and ate at the most wonderful Bistro on the street.  It wasIMG_3376 mostly Italian food,but so good! Thank goodness Mauri’s fit bit pedometer said we walked 15,800 steps!

Suzanne and Becky bought antique silver soup ladles to have engraved with initials for gifts.  How clever!

I bought an old silver box and Mauri a beautiful brass pot and an antique book, and Sara Jane snatched up some beautiful pillows made with Christian La Croix fabric. Mauri really wanted a chandelier but we did not think she could get it on the plane!  We all had a great time.

Back at the apartment we went out for Chinese food at Temple Celeste, just around the corner.  The owner did not speak a word of English but some nice French people sitting at the next table helped us order.  The food was outstanding and the owner really liked my name!

IMG_3393Having a great time… tomorrow we have to go back to Marais to re-purchase the box of candy that we bought to take to the girls back at the store.

It sort of disappeared along with a nice Bordeaux last night…


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